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  • AutoSock mounted on rear wheels of an electrical car, standing in the city
  • Mounting of AutoSock on front wheels of a car
  • Side view of a car with mounted AutoSock snow socks on front wheels
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The original textile traction device gives your car quick and reliable grip on snow and ice. AutoSock for cars fits well on vehicles with low clearance in the tire house and works perfectly with optional tires – even when snow chains are not recommended. AutoSock for cars comes in 10 different sizes, covering more than 500 of the most popular tire dimensions.

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  • AutoSock snow socks mounted on wheels of a truck
  • Close-up of AutoSock textile traction device mounted on truck wheels
  • AutoSock tire sock mounted on truck wheel, driving on snow in winter landscape
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AutoSock for trucks helps you safe time and money when driving under severe winter conditions. Our snow socks are mounted in only a few minutes and keep your fleet moving. AutoSock for trucks is legally accepted as alternative to metal chains throughout the United States. We cover all important truck and bus wheels with 9 different sizes.

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  • AutoSock traction device mounted on front wheels of a forklift
  • AutoSock for forklift mounted on front wheels
  • Forklift with mounted AutoSock snow socks on front wheels, standing on snow and ice
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The perfect solution for combined indoor and outdoor driving during winter. AutoSock for forklifts has a reinforced traction fabric, optimized for lower speeds and higher wheel loads. The textile construction does not damage surfaces and protects sensitive floors from tire scratchmarks. There are 7 AutoSock sizes that cover important forklift and industrial tires.

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