Split view showing all AutoSock components

The AutoSock Components and their Functions

AutoSock is a patented quality product and consists of five scientifically developed components. Each component has its own function to insure the best possible performance and safety.

Front Fabric

The woven and coated net stabilizes the entire AutoSock and prevents snow or debris from gathering between the tire and the road contact fabric. 


The straps give the snow sock its signature look. They assist mounting/demounting the product and add stability. 

Both front fabric and straps are also constructed to prevent AutoSock from slipping behind the tire and damaging car parts or cables. The bright orange straps help other drivers to see the vehicle in difficult winter conditions.

The AutoSock product components: front fabric and straps

Road Contact Fabric

The unique fabric construction, developed in Germany and Norway, provides a long product life and an outstanding friction. The arranged fibres facilitate the textile to absorb and ‘wick away’ any water between the ground and the tire, thereby maximizing the dry friction grip. The inside of the road contact fabric features reinforced ripstop cross-weaving to avoid tear in rolling direction. 

Inner Fabric

Usually used for high quality parachutes, the inner fabric holds AutoSock in position, assures proper fit on the tire and supports the black elastic strap to reach its ideal position behind the tire for optimal tension. 


The elastic keeps the tire sock in position, supports self-centering and assures stable fit to the tire. The combination of tenacity, elongation force and elasticity for best performance was evaluated in extensive tests during the development of AutoSock. 

The AutoSock product components: road contact fabric, inner fabric and elastic

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